Megan Kingdon

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Megan Kingdon

Megan's first experience with comprehensive Pilates was as a volunteer student to help her friend and Mindful Body owner Stacie train for her teacher certification.  Not long after that, Pilates became Megan’s primary source of exercise and movement.  

After years in the spa and wellness industry and time focused on motherhood, Megan became certified as a teacher through Classical Pilates Education. She loves to see her clients discover how capable they truly are, and to be part of something that challenges both their bodies and minds.  

Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout, want to focus on a particular goal, or you’ve never tried Pilates before and want to know what it’s all about, she wants to be your partner in your Pilates experience!

When she’s not in the studio, Megan enjoys her family, her dogs, Folly Beach, outdoor yoga, Phish shows, her garden, relaxing with girlfriends, and of course, keeping up with her own Pilates workouts!


It all started when…

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